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Chestnut Class Have been Busy (5/5/17)

Chestnut Class have Been Busy!

Over the past two weeks Year 2 have been using the film clip “Something Fishy” from the Literacy Shed website as a stimulus for creating their own versions of the story.


We have made our own group videos to retell parts of the story, engaged in “hot seating” and interviewed the main character in the story, drawn clear story mountain plans and changed certain elements of the story from the original.


This week we wrote our own versions of the story trying our very, very best to include all the technicalities of the Year 2 writing curriculum – using different types of sentences, expanded noun phrases, contractions, conjunctions, subordinate clauses, possessive apostrophe’s, suffixes and commas. That’s a lot to remember!


Miss Getty, Mrs Daley and Mrs Chalmers are SO proud of the children’s independent writing this week as they have been able to showcase so many of the writing skills they have been learning this year.


One dark, gloomy day Alex went to the launderette and he read his favourite book when suddenly something caught his eye.” – Alexis


“All of a sudden he saw a bright glowing blue light in the washing machine. Nervously he bent down and curiously he opened the door.“ – Freddie


“Next she saw some beautiful, colourful sock fish. What do you think will happen next?” – Freya


“Suddenly he saw a dark shadow, as it got closer he saw that it was a toothy, colossal squid so in the blink of an eye Luke swam away but was he going to make it ….?” – Luke


“She carefully walked to the washing machine, looked in and saw some sock fish.” – James


JaJa’s eyes couldn’t believe it!” - Molly