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Measuring Magic Makes Magnificent Scones

21st January 2019


Today we made scones we had to follow the recipe very carefully and measure out all the

ingredients. It was tricky because the measuring scales and the measuring jug did not have all the numbers written on the scale so we had to work out where we had to measure to.

After they were cooked we got to eat them. They were yummy.


Superhero Day

We had a super day dressed up as some of our favourite heroes. We had a parade and showed off our super powers.

Our Parade with the other classes

Advent Wreaths

We have been learning about how candle flames are used by Christians during Advent. We spoke about the importance of the evergreen wreath symbolising God's everlasting love, the four candles that are lit every Sunday leading up to Christmas Day symbolising  Hope, Peace, Joy and Love and the white middle candle which is lit on Christmas Day symbolising Jesus, the Light of The World.

We then made our own Advent wreaths and spoke about the importance of each part.

Creative Christmas Art Day

We had great fun decorating our class and making lots of amazing creations. We enjoyed choosing all sorts of different materials to make our decorations.

Children In Need 2018

We had lots of fun today dressed in our spotty clothes. There was lots of imagination put into some homemade outfits. Thank you everyone for supporting this event.

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Picture 2

The Great Fire of London in Marchwood


As part of our Great Fire of London topic the children made houses out of cereal boxes to build a street just like one you would have seen in London in 1666.

Mr. Rule and Miss. Thomas set our houses up on the field. They looked amazing. Then Mr. Rule started a fire in one of the houses. We watched and it was surprising how quickly the fire spread from house to house. It was quite a windy day and Oscar's house, which was on the end, fell over. We noticed how that made in a break in the fire so it didn't get burnt. We soon smelt of fire and could see the ash floating in the air, we could begin to imagine what it would have been like in London at that time.

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