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We had a lovely time at Paulton's Park learning about animal habitats.

Designing and creating our Royal Wedding drinking glasses

Caring for our hedgehogs

Building, finding and creating the right habitat for a hedgehog


We worked in groups to first glue leaves, straw, ivy and sticks all over a recycled crate to camouflage it well.


Next we looked for the very best place to put our houses.  This had to be either under a hedge, hidden away in a corner or somewhere with plenty of leaves to keep them warm.


When we had finished the hedgehog house we built a small log pile next to it, to encourage insects which the hedgehogs could eat.


We were also going to put a little tray next to it for water but the field was so wet we knew they already had enough.




I like over there near the trees because it’s all leafy but I think it’s too near the road and too noisy for the hedgehogs.


This is a good place because there are plenty of leaves around to disguise the home.


I don’t want to put it here as there’s loads of puddles and hedgehogs don’t like damp places, but slugs do! 

Here are cheerful Chestnut Class 2017 - 2018!

Here are cheerful Chestnut Class 2017 - 2018!  1

Skippy John visit

Making Christingles

Thank you to all the parents who came in to Chestnut Class to help with the Creative Christmas Decorating Day on Friday.  


We all had great fun and created some wonderful decorations that really brighten up our school.  

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!   frown



Topic Launch Afternoon

Topic Launch Afternoon  1
Topic Launch Afternoon  2
Topic Launch Afternoon  3

We have started off our new topic with a great big BANG by burning down our own version of Pudding Lane.  We are learning lots about how the great fire started and how the fire service was very different in 1666.  Luckily Mr Rule was on site with his fire extinguisher!


This weekend some of Chestnut class created wonderful pictures depicting the Great Fire of London so thank you for all your hard work - they were delightful to look at. 


Why not watch the Magic Grandad clip to remind yourself about the story.

Welcome to Chestnut!




Well done for a very successful transition into Year 2  - we are all looking forward to watching you learn and grow together. 


We are currently deep into our learning about "Wicked Wolves and Wise Owls" and we are thrilled with the amount of effort and learning you put into your 3 week home learning projects.  Please look at the photographs on the other page and take a look at our trip to the New Forest Wildlife Park where we met some real life wolves and owls!




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Chestnut trip to the New Forest Wildlife Park September 2017