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Is this the world's longest paper chain?

This may not be the world's longest paper chain, but it's certainly Marchwood C of E Infant School's longest ever paper chain! We finished the paper chain this afternoon, made a few repairs then we took it outside and stretched it as far as it would go. It stretched all the way from the Year 1 door into the big playground!

We then worked with our friends to measure the length using a trundle wheel.

To our surprise, the paper chain was 55m long! Not quite a world record, but pretty impressive all the same!

The much awaited measuring!

Some children in Elm class have been inspired by our Creative Christmas Day to make paper chains. I think they might be going for a world record! They displayed amazing teamwork and resourcefulness.

The current world record is held by Julie McKinney from the USA who made a paper chain that was 779.21m, it took her 12 hours on the 22 June 2014.

We will measure ours tomorrow to see how it compares.

Check in tomorrow to find out the final length!

The creation of our paper chain!