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Marwell Zoo!

On Wednesday 18th April, the whole of Year One felt very excited because we were going on our trip to Marwell Zoo!


The coach journey was quite long because of a traffic jam, but it was fun and exciting all the same. 

We enjoyed looking a variety of animals including lemurs, tigers, penguins, leopards, owls, hippos, zebras, snow leopards and rhinos. We also learnt lots of new facts about animals and even got to stroke a snake and a rat!


Our topic for this half term is called Fur, Feathers and Scales and is based around Science objectives. The trip was the perfect launch for our new topic.


We couldn't have wished for better weather! Thank you parents for sending your children prepared with sun cream on, sun hats and water bottles, they were definitely needed!


Children, maybe you could tell your parents what you have learnt so far about fish, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds.

Maybe you could explain what a carnivore, omnivore and herbivore are?

Can you remember what an animal with a back bone is called? 


Please click on the BBC Bitesize website link to find out more about different groups of animals.