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Our Disappointing Journey

What a disappointing journey we travelled on today! First we walked out of classroom to the snakes and ladders game. Next we jumped on 5 different numbers. After that we side stepped to the Galleon. Then we skipped around the Galleon. After that we hopped and jumped over the hopscotch and finally we jogged over to the blue house. We wondered what might be waiting for us at the end of our journey and to our amazement there was a treasure chest waiting for us inside the blue house. Are you wondering what was in the treasure chest? We were!

When we opened the treasure chest we was empty!


"We have done all of this for nothing...." Logan Prescott-Snelgrove

"I feel miserable." Hannah Buchan

"That was harsh and unfair!" Grace Preston


I wonder what will happen when we go on our next journey on Wednesday.....


Children, maybe you could talk to your grown up's about a journey you have been on and what was at the end of your journey. Was it something that made you feel happy or excited, or was something that made you feel grumpy and disappointed?