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Our First Collective Worship in Year One

On Wednesday 15th November Elm Class presented our first collective worship in Year One. The theme was friendship. All the children painted lovely pictures of their friend and told the rest of the school why they like their friend. We talked about how important to was to have friends, what special qualities friends have and how to be a good friend to someone else.

The children acted out a lovely story called Frog and Beaver, about a Beaver who didn't know how to be a good friend.  But by the end of the story, the kindness of other animals had taught him all he needed to know.

I was very, very proud of all the children for trying their best and speaking and acting with such confidence. Well done Elm Class!

Children, maybe you could tell your grown up how you are a good friend to someone else? Maybe you could pop to the library and see if you could find a nice story about friendship to share?


I have posted your paintings, have a look and see if you can spot which one was yours!

Our paintings of our friends, can you spot yours?