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Paper and Bricks in Elm Class

We have been thinking about materials in Science and today we had a very important problem to solve. The school where Everywhere Bear lives has been building an extension to their library, however, the wheelbarrows that the builders had been using to move the bricks had been stolen! Everywhere Bear set us the challenge to help him move the bricks from one place to another, using the only thing he could find.......strips of newspaper left over from Class One's last project!

So Elm class set to work investigating how to lift and carry a heavy brick using only thin, weak pieces of newspaper.

The children were amazing investigators and came up with lots of different ways to strengthen the paper so it would lift the brick.

"I am going to twist the paper to make it stronger." said Lily

" I am going to cross my paper over in the middle to see if that works." said Cohen.

Jack said "I am going to try adding layers to my paper, that should make it stronger."


Hannah worked quietly and didn't say very much, keeping her ideas to herself. After a while she revealed her masterpiece! A layered, twisted, sturdy brick holder that did the job perfectly!


The children thought about how we changed the properties of the material by twisting, layering, plaiting and rolling.