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Phonics Games

In phonics we have now learnt all of our Year 1 sounds. We are now working really hard to use these sounds when reading and writing. I have attached a fantastic website that is free to use. We have been playing the Picnic on Pluto game where the children have to use their phonic knowledge to read the 'real' and 'alien' words and feed the words to the correct alien. You can choose a phonic phase for your child to access depending on their ability, we have been using Phases 4 and 5 when we play the game in school.

Please encourage your child to sound the words out carefully, ensuring that they use their knowledge of digraphs and  split digraphs to help them.

Another great game on this website is Buried Treasure, this game is also free to play.

If you need any further support with using the website then please come and have a chat with your child's class teacher.