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Problems with opening the site

I am aware that some parents are finding it difficult to open the webpage.  I have spoken to MLS and this was their reply.


As you are utilising the Silverlight platform in your Junior.Net login page, many browsers will not be compatible. You will only be able to access the site using Internet Explorer 11 or Safari (on apple devices) as these are the only browsers that are still compatible.
If you are being prompted to download Silverlight when accessing Internet Explorer, please ensure that you have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your system. The prompt that appears will contain a link to the relevant area where this can be downloaded. Please ask your IT Team to undertake this and ensure that “Microsoft Silverlight” is enabled and running under the Add-ons area of Internet Explorer once installed.
Moving back to my previous explanation regarding browser compatibility, we will soon be introducing the “HTML5” version of the Junior.Net interface. What this will essentially mean is that any browser will be compatible and your site can be accessed regardless of which device or browser is used. As we move closer to its release, we will be releasing more information about this."


As you can see until the new platform is ready there may be problems but please persevere it is worth it!