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We have started our longitudinal study in Science. Today we went for a lovely Autumn walk and found our favourite tree. We looked closely at the tree and talked about what we noticed. Here is a picture of our tree, we will keep looking at it over the year to see how it changes. Children, maybe you could talk to your grown-ups about Autumn and pick a tree in your garden or in the park that you could watch over the year.

Rowan Class - Our tree

Rowan Class - Our tree 1

Autumn 1


Wow! We were very busy last half term with our learning. We enjoyed our topic “The Scarecrows Wedding” and participated in lots of different activities which helped us to learn.


In English we wrote questions to Harry and then got the chance to ask him our questions. His answers helped us to write a character profile for him.

We also learnt the story using actions and then wrote it in our own words remembering our capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and adjectives.


In Science we learnt lots about materials and how to describe their properties. We used our understanding to help solve lots of problems for the Scarecrows.


In Maths we did lots of learning about place value and became much more confident at using the words tens, units, ones, more, less.

Try telling your adult what you know about the number 12.

What about the number 22?

What is the same / different about the two numbers?


This half term we have started our new topic Shine bright. As part of this topic we are looking at the story ‘Can’t you sleep Little Bear?’ So far we have made bear hats to help us write in the character of Little Bear using the pronoun I. We have learnt how to change verbs into the past tense by adding the suffix ‘ed’.

Try and tell your adult what these verbs would be in the past tense.

jump, cook, look, climb

Can you put them into a sentence?

We are now thinking about how Little Bear feels at different times in the story.