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Shine Bright Topic Launch - November 2017

What a wonderful day we have had in Year 1 today. The children have experienced a variety of activities to prepare them for our new topic, 'Shine Bright'.

We have shared the book 'Can't you sleep Little Bear' by Martin Waddell. Following the theme of the book, the children loved crawling through dark tunnels using their torches to guide the way, they then explored bear caves using different light sources. We talked about why Little Bear was scared of the dark and how the light of the moon made him happier. We thought of lots of adjectives to describe his feelings at different points in the story. We also discussed how important light is in helping us go about our daily lives and what life might be like without light.

The children enjoyed making lanterns from coloured paper and cellophane and experimenting with different joining techniques. Then, in links with RE we thought about how candles are useful to 'guide the way and light the dark'.

We finished our morning off with cookies, milk and bed (lunch) time story.

We hope that the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and are now engaged and ready for their next learning adventure.


"I loved the cookies, milk and bedtime story the best." Hannah Buchan


"My mum likes to have candles when she has a bath because they help her relax."

Ellie Watson


"I liked using my torch to find my way through the tunnel the best." Elliott Langford


Children, maybe you could share the new adjectives you've learnt with your grown ups.


If you'd like to listen to the story again, here's a link to an internet version.

Exploring the Bear Cave with our torches and practising DT skills, making lanterns for Little Bear.