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Skipping 4 Life in Year 1

Today we learnt a new skill, and it really tested our ability to persevere and be determined when things are tricky! We all met a super coach called 'Skippy John' who taught us some top tips to help us to skip. First we had to perfect how we held our skipping ropes, we had to imagine that we were holding a dinner tray and hold the handles in the same way. Then we had to refine our windmill arm action to make sure that the rope turned smoothly. Finally we had to bounce......and bounce......and bounce some more!

We discovered that we already had some super skippers in Year 1! In Elm class Elsie Webber impressed us all with her stamina and skipping ability, she demonstrated to others how it's done!

"The playground looks like a sea of rainbows!"


Children, now you all have your own skipping ropes, maybe you could practise your skipping skills these weekend. Count how many skips you're able to do on Saturday morning, then count again on Sunday afternoon! Maybe you could tell your teacher how you got on when you come back to school on Tuesday.

Don't forget to bring your skipping ropes back to school in it's plastic bag because we will practising some more in PE lessons. For those super skippers, we will be working on your stamina and fitness!