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Skipping time

Well done to Chestnut class who listened carefully to Skippy John's instructions in order to get EVERYONE skipping by the end of 30 minutes.  He taught us how to bounce up and down in the same spot lifting our feet up marginally and NOT to jump at all as this does not help you to skip.  We had a go with our own ropes and then Skippy John showed us how to use a long skipping rope to work as a team and skip together.  If we were really brave we could have a go at running in and skipping and then running out.  


Remember - it's all about bouncing and NOT jumping.  


As the school has provided you with a FREE skipping rope, keep practising at home and let us know how you get on.  You could ask Mum/Dad/brother to have a go too.  

You will also be allowed to use your skipping rope at playtime on the day it is Chestnut's turn.