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Welcome to Sycamore class 2018-2019!


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WOW  Sycamore Superstars - You have all been amazing!  Who thinks SATS can't be fun?  We have enjoyed lots of different snacks, plenty of exercise and fun.  You should all be really proud of your achievements.


We know how to wash our hands properly - Ask us and we will show you!

Special Books

We have started our Special Books Topic in RE - Look at all our own Special Books!

We also created our own class Special Book which included poems about peace or our wonderful world, prayers and reasons it is good to be in Sycamore class.

Here are some written by children.

Peace - By Jack Stone

Peace is a quiet moment

Peace is everyone getting on

Peace is laying on your bed with your book

Peace is sitting on a chair eating dinner

Peace is talking to God

Peace is my animals on my farm

Peace is cuddling your friends

Peace is relaxing and watching a film

Peace is taking care of your friends.


What a Wonderful World - By Annabelle Dorward

Stars, moon and sky

Chocolate, cheese and apples

Trees, bushes and leaves

Marshmallows, candyfloss and sweets

Love, sadness and anger

Snakes, spiders and beetles

Love, truth and trust

What a wonderful world it is!


My Prayer - By Max Smith

Dear God

We praise you for your love, trust and truth values.

Thank you for our living animals that you created and our jungles for our animals to live in.

We praise you for our fruit and veg and also thank you for our sugary foods.

Help us to survive for people are cutting down trees and the animals are dying.


As part of our learning as well as creating our own class Special Book we also made our own class Torah.  We read lots of stories from the Bible to remind us of why it is special. On our Torah we wrote rules about how we think we should live now or what we should do to look after our world.  Children learnt that the Torah is kept in an Ark in a Synagogue.  Jewish people bow to it as they pass to show respect.  The Torah is written in Hebrew which has to be read backwards!  Because it is so special you must not touch it with your hands but instead use a ‘Yad’ to point at it.  It is wrapped in a special cloth.  In our special area we have The Bible, a Torah, our own class Torah and Our Special Book.  Children have enjoyed accessing this area and reading their work to one another.
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Visit from the Beekeepers! May 2019

We enjoyed learning about bees.  There are three types of bee in a beehive.  The male, the female and the Queen.  The females do all the work!  Did you know that male bees cannot sting you?  When someone goes near a beehive they usually take a 'smoker' with them.  This keeps the bees away.  We watched the bees and saw the holes filled with pollen which will eventually be turned into honey.  We all got to take a piece of beeswax which smelt quite funny.

Us with the bees!

Programming - April 2019

As part of our maths curriculum children need to know about position and direction.  During maths we consolidated our knowledge of left and right, quarter, half and whole turns, clockwise and anti-clockwise.  We linked this with our computing knowledge and created programmes for our Beebots to move around a route.  Children created their own programmes (also known as 'coding') and then tested them.  If their programme didn't work they had to find the errors (debug) and correct their programmes to make the Beebots finish where they wanted them to.  We all had tremendous fun doing this even if it was sometimes a bit tricky!


Easter  - Belief

In the second Spring Half term our RE theme was Easter and while enjoying all this had to offer we focused on the concept of 'belief'.  We thought about our own beliefs and those of a Christian person.  We looked at how what we believe affects what we do.  You can see some examples of our work below.  We also enjoyed our Easter service in church where Year 2 chorally retold the story of Palm Sunday and really enjoyed performing our uplifting 'Easter Jubilation' song.  We all agree that while Easter eggs are a wonderful part of Easter, there are also a great many other things to reflect upon to understand its true meaning.


Easter - Concept Belief March 2019

March 2019

We had a great World Book Day.  We dressed up as different characters, brought our favourite books in to share and had a day around book activities.  Look at us sharing our books together.

Geography - Making Maps   March 2019 
Picture 1

See if you can make a map at home. Click on the document to see what we did.

History - February 2019

Please have a look at this video and talk about what changes Florence Nightingale made to hospitals and nursing.

Geography - February 2019

See if you can remember all these things.  

What are the four countries that make up the United Kingdom?

What are the capital cities of those countries?

What are the seven continents of the world?

Can you look at a map together and find where we live?

We worked together showing our great team working skills to put maps of the UK together.

Ideas about God - February 2019

Our current topic in RE is helping us to decide what our own ideas about God are.  Whether we believe or don't believe and what we think God might be like.  We have also considered the Hindu religion and their concept of God.  Here are some children's views on what God could be like and where he might be.

Art January 2019

We have been looking at two artists called Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.  They are both 'Pop Artists'.  We compared their work and then created some of our own.  We had the choice of pens or paint.  It was particularly funny seeing our faces in different colours!

Our amazing Pop Art!

Our amazing Pop Art! 1

Art Day and our fabulous creations

Owls and wolves dress up day - look at our amazing costumes!