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Welcome to Sycamore class 2018-2019!


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Picture 1
Picture 1

See if you can make a map at home. Click on the document to see what we did.


Please have a look at this video and talk about what changes Florence Nightingale made to hospitals and nursing.


See if you can remember all these things.  

What are the four countries that make up the United Kingdom?

What are the capital cities of those countries?

What are the seven continents of the world?

Can you look at a map together and find where we live?

We worked together showing our great team working skills to put maps of the UK together.

Ideas about God

Our current topic in RE is helping us to decide what our own ideas about God are.  Whether we believe or don't believe and what we think God might be like.  We have also considered the Hindu religion and their concept of God.  Here are some children's views on what God could be like and where he might be.

Art January 2019

We have been looking at two artists called Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.  They are both 'Pop Artists'.  We compared their work and then created some of our own.  We had the choice of pens or paint.  It was particularly funny seeing our faces in different colours!

Our amazing Pop Art!

Our amazing Pop Art! 1

Art Day and our fabulous creations

Owls and wolves dress up day - look at our amazing costumes!