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The School Day & Parent Helpers

Mr Calvert tries to be available to stand at the school gate ready to welcome you to school each morning. Please say a cheery "Hello" and approach him if you need to ask a question, raise an issue or wish to share something to celebrate about your child. He is normally in the same place at the end of the day too - so you can wave a happy "Goodbye" on your way home.


The school day begins each morning at 08:50, when the school doors open. There is always a school professional waiting at each of our doors ready to welcome the children and able to take any morning messages. 


The day ends at 15:10 for Year R children - please gather to collect them directly out of their own classroom doors.


The rest of Key Stage 1 are dismissed from their class doors at 15:15 each day. 


All parents need to be aware of when their child arrives at the head of their line of children and make eye contact with the adult who is responsible for dismissing them. This way we know that children are being safely delivered to the right person. Once children are in your care - the school's duty of care ends for the day. Please ensure that your child stays with you at all times and does not wander off or go out of your line of sight.


Children have a morning break time, lasting 15 minutes from 10:30 and lunchtime is from 11:45 - 13:00 for Year R and 12:00 - 13:00 for Key Stage 1.


Please speak to any member of staff if more information is needed about the school day.