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Toys January 2018

Today we were very excited because Miss Davison found an old suitcase. When she opened it she found lots of different toys. We started talking about what we noticed about the toys. “They are made of wood.” “They are like ours but ours are made of plastic.” “They are toys from the olden days.” “The toys are old and from a long time ago.”


We were also very lucky to have some visitors come into school. Miss Getty showed us her Paddington bear that she has had for 37 years. He was very different from the one in the movie. He had glass eyes and a luggage label. Mrs Harvey showed us a muffin the mule that is 80 years old. She showed us how it worked and we saw a video clip of the television show he was in. Pops showed lots of different toys that he had when he grew up. We were very excited to see The Magic Robot game. You ask a question and the robot shows you the answer. “That’s amazing.” “How does he know?”. Mrs Squires showed us her childhood teddy bear and Mouse Trap game. “The cage is going to trap the mouse.” “I have that but mine looks different.” Miss Davison showed us her childhood teddy. We listened carefully and heard the tune Rock-a-bye baby, which made her go to sleep as a baby. Mrs Keith showed us Mr Keith’s Transformers. “The first one was made of metal and plastic.” “My transformer looks different to that.” She also showed us a Super Nintendo. We were shocked to see you don’t use a cd but a cartridge. “The remote is funny. There’s a wire.”