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Will we find one in Marchwood?

What a mysterious launch to our new topic we had today! Mrs Jerome thought she had read a story in the Daily Echo about a crocodile sighting in Marchwood, of all places! So being the intrepid explorers that we are in Elm class, we decided to set of to investigate whether a crocodile really would survive in Marchwood. 

Our new topic is based around the KS1 Geography objectives and is linked to the story about The Selfish Crocodile. So as we walked through Marchwood we looked at the different physical and human properties of the village, we thought about whether Marchwood would be good place for a crocodile, and if not, then why not? 

To our surprise........we did actually find a crocodile! Who would have thought it? 


Children, maybe you could talk to your grown-ups about why Marchwood wouldn't be a good place for a real crocodile to live?