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Year 2 End of Year Events 2018

Year 2 Hat Day 19/2/18

Year 2 teachers have planned a fun start to the new half term so please come into school on the first day back, Monday 19th February, wearing a hat.  It can be one that you have made or a favourite one that you already have.  I wonder what we are going to do..!


Image result for the incredibles


After Christmas our new topic will be ‘Superheroes!’ To launch this topic we would like children to come in on Friday 5th January dressed as a superhero. This character could be from a book, film, cartoon etc. If your child has any books with superheroes in them at home we would also appreciate these being brought in on this day as well.


Thank-you as always for your support in making our topics exciting and fun for the children.


Year 2 Team


6th October 2017

Children in Year 2 will be learning about multiplication over the next 2 weeks.  As an introduction we will be looking at 'arrays' (patterns or displays of objects).  See how many you can find with your children at home and maybe bring some in.

E.g.  egg boxes  6 x 2 or 3 x 2     cake trays     bars of chocolate

Look on Google images for further examples of 'real life arrays'

Have Fun!surprise


Welcome to Year 2 2017/2018