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All sounds learnt in Year R with pictures

Here is a copy of all the sounds we have been teaching in Year R, plus the ones we are due to cover. It has the picture of the action to go with it. You could use these to practise the sounds, make some words or read words created by someone else.

These are the sounds that we have not taught yet:

ie - Action, hand up to head - Saying, ie, ie, captain - Words, tie pie.

igh - Action, push hands up in the air - Saying, igh, igh, jump up high - Words, night, flight.

ey - Action, hands under armpits - Saying, ey, ey, monkey - Words, monkey, money.

-y - Action, hands up and around - Saying - y, y, sunny - Words, funny, bunny.

nk - Action, close one eye and open it - Saying - nk,nk,nk - Words, pink, think.

er - Action, roll hands round each other - Saying er, er, mixer - Words, farmer, dinner.

ar - Action, pretend to start a car - Saying ar, ar, start the car - Words, star, farm.