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Art and DT

DT Task - Make your own Bubble Wands!


Have a go at making your own bubble wands in different shapes. We have put some pictures below for you to explore and have a go at making. See what things you have around the house to use to make your bubble wands.


frown Could you make one out of lego? 


heart Can you make a heart shaped bubble?


Make sure your grown up takes some pictures of your creations for your Home Learning book!

DIY Bubble Wands

Art Task - Bubble Printing


Idea 1:


1. Pour bubble mixture into 4 small lidded containers.

2. Add food colouring/poster paint.

3. Shake up the containers to froth up the mixture.

4. Place card or paper over the bubbles.

5. Leave to dry.


The bubble print can then be cut out into different shapes (hearts, animals, shapes) and be decorated if you wish. 

Idea 2:


Printing using bubble wrap. Can you create your own design using bubble wrap?


All you need to do cut out different shapes of bubble wrap, paint onto the bubble wrap and print onto your paper. 


You could create a repeating pattern for your own wrapping paper,  a card or a wonderful piece of artwork.