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Attendance and Punctuality

All children have a legal right to education and where this is provided in a school (rather than being home educated) children must attend school promptly for the start of the school day 08:50 and then be collected promptly at the end of the school day 15:10 (Year R pupils only) or 15:15 (Year 1 & 2 pupils).

For children to achieve their best it is so important that they have a consistent routine, excellent attendance and are well prepared for their day by wearing the right school uniform and have the right resources with them for their day (such as water bottle, book bag, coat and lunch box if not taking up the free school meal).

Many parents do not realise that when their child is late to school (between 08:50-09:15) a “late before register” mark in placed in the register. After 09:15 a “late after resister” mark is placed in the register. Any late mark is illegal and can contribute towards further action being taken by the school such as a penalty notice being given. Therefore being punctual for the start of the school day is very important.

If children fall ill, it is the responsibility of the parent or carer to call the school on each and every day of absence. It is helpful if parents keep children’s medical appointments outside of the school day (after 3:15pm) wherever possible, although the school recognises that this may not always be possible.

Where attendance falls below 90% the school will discuss your child’s attendance with you and / or with the school Educational Welfare Officer Emma Diamond. We will then work with you to help your child’s attendance improve.

Where a child has a long period of absence (more than 4 consecutive school days) the school will provide educational materials for your child to complete in the home. This can then be returned to school / replaced with fresh learning for the duration of the absence. This will ensure that your child has opportunities to learn even if they are not in school.

The school has a legal duty to report attendance to parents on an annual basis. At Marchwood C of E Infant School we prefer to do this twice a year – in February and again in July. This keeps parents fully informed of the effects of absence on their child or celebrates great attendance with you.

Please feel that you can approach the school for a personal chat with the Headteacher about attendance matters at any time.

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