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The Great Fire of London

Look at the Year 2 page to see what exciting things we have done.

RE - Bread as a Symbol

RE - Bread as a Symbol 1

Wicked Wolves and Wise Owls

You all looked wonderful in your story book character costumes! Well done for finding so many books with wolves and owls in and being so creative with your costumes.


We have enjoyed sharing lots of stories and exploring ‘Wolves’ by Emily Gravett in more depth. Over the next couple of weeks we will be working on writing our re-telling of the story. 

Picture 1
Picture 1

Our First Collective Worship in our Classroom


We discussed the word 'Welcome' and what it means. We decided it is a happy, positive word where everyone feels included. We welcomed each other back to school and to our new classroom. We talked about what we can do and say to always make each other feel welcome. The children came up with some lovely ideas, including:

- saying a jolly 'Good Morning' to each other when we first see each other in the morning

- Smiling

- Taking care of each other

- Sharing

- Not talking when someone else is talking 

Picture 1