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Dad's Afternoon

It was a great afternoon having some of our Grandads and Dads in school to celebrate Father's Day.

Paultons Park!

What an amazing day we had at Paultons Park! Our workshop about Habitats was fantastic and we learnt lots about the animals at Paultons and how their bodies have adapted to help them survive in all the different the environments they are from. We were lucky enough to touch a corn snake, stroke a really cute duprasi, hold a rat (we learnt they actually keep themselves cleaner than cats do!) and hold a millipede!

Presenting our Home Learning 

To support our learning in Science about Habitats, the children we asked to produce an underwater habitat at home, or research an underwater creature to find out how they have adapted to their habitat. The children spoke beautifully about their projects in front of the class and their friends asked some super questions too!

Special Food - Keeping Healthy

Making Fruit Kebabs and Smoothies!

It was great having a visit from HC3S! They reminded us all about making healthy choices and the names of the different food groups. We then got to make our own delicious fruit kebabs and taste a yummy banana and strawberry smoothie! 

Travelling Seeds

Today we made our own helicopter seeds to explore how Sycamore trees use the wind to disperse their seeds as part of their life cycle.

We found out that some just dropped to the ground and others drifted quite far away.

We then spoke about how the life cycle would continue and how they would be able to get plenty of nutrients and sunlight to help them grow into healthy trees.

Hand Washing Experiment

We did an experiment to help us  understand the importance of hand washing and we learnt that germs may be present even if they are not seen.

Can we wash off the glitter? How does the glitter spread?

We found out that the glitter is acting the same way that germs on your hands act. There are a lot of germs, they spread around easily and it can be hard to get them off. The difference between the glitter and germs is that germs are so small you can’t see them without a microscope. You have to know when you may have come into contact with germs and then wash your hands.

Special Books

Our learning in RE this half term has been about 'Special Books'. Click on the links below to find out more about our learning journey.

A Visit from Beekeepers!


We enjoyed learning about bees.  We learnt that there are three types of bee in a beehive.  The male, the female and the Queen.  The females do all the work!  Did you know that male bees cannot sting you?  When someone goes near a beehive they usually take a 'smoker' with them.  This keeps the bees away.  We watched the bees and saw the holes filled with pollen which will eventually be turned into honey.  We all got to take a piece of beeswax which smelt quite funny.

We loved the bees!

Beebot fun in Beech Class!

In Maths this week, we have been learning all about position and direction. We thought about left and right, clockwise, anti-clockwise, turns including quarter, half and three quarter and forwards and backwards. Today we had lots of fun applying our knowledge of this to programming the Beebots!


 First we worked as a class to write a clear set of instructions. This is called writing an algorithm.

Working as a class

Then we worked in groups to write our algorithm to programme the Beebot. After all that hard work to plan the instructions, we were excited to watch it go. We had to debug the Beebot if it didn’t go to plan, and we celebrated with high 5s when it went exactly where it was supposed to go!

Our Easter Classroom

Our Special Area at Easter Time

This half term, our RE theme has been Easter and while enjoying all this had to offer we focused on the concept of 'belief'.  We thought about our own beliefs and those of a Christian person.  We looked at how what we believe affects what we do. 


Beech Class did a fantastic Collective Worship to the whole school and our grown-ups. We re-told the Easter story through musical instruments and sound effects, calling it 'The Sounds of Holy Week'. We think the school enjoyed watching it in this way and could understand our message about the meaning of Easter.


We also enjoyed our Easter service in church where Year 2 chorally retold the story of Palm Sunday and really enjoyed performing our uplifting 'Easter Jubilation' song.  We all agree that while Easter eggs are a wonderful part of Easter, there are also a great many other things to reflect upon to understand its true meaning.

Sailors' Society Charity Morning

We loved dressing up as sailors, mermaids, sea creatures and divers for our Charity Day. Through participating in various water-themed games, we raised lots of money for The Sailors' Society.


In Gymnastics we have been moving in different ways, showing excellent strength and co-ordination. We love the ropes and the wall bars!

Map Work Outside!

We went outside to help consolidate our learning in Geography about North, South, East and West. We worked in teams to recreate the map!

Our Special Area

It has been lovely seeing the children access our special area. We have been reading The Lost Sheep in Guided Reading and now we can read it in our special area. Well done for posting your thoughts and prayers about how to help others in our special box too!
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World Book Day

7th March 2019

Working as a Team

Beech Class did an amazing job working in teams to put a Non-Chronological Report back together and then labeling the features of the report. They were excellent communicators and great listeners - just like Captain Teamwork! Next week we will be working in pairs to gather information to write our own Non-Chronological Reports. 


Making Delicious Fruit Kebabs


We have been thinking about keeping healthy in Science recently. To be a superhero, we need to fit, strong and healthy - ready for anything that happens in the day!


We explored the importance of exercise and feeling our heart beat faster. We also discussed the importance of a healthy diet. The children knew so much about the foods that are good for our bodies, and they learnt about the digestive system too.


We then planned, made and evaluated our own tasty fruit kebabs. We used grapes, a melon, a pineapple and some bananas. Why not have a go at creating your own Superhero fruit kebab at home!

Beech Class are Superheroes!

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What a launch! You all looked AMAZING in your Superhero costumes! After our parade in the playground with the other classes, we shared stories and thought of brilliant adjectives to describe our super character and appearance.


We have written questions to ask Supertato and his veggie friends in trouble and we have written a blurb for Supertato too!


We have started planning our Superhero stories. We have decided on our Superhero's name and logo, the story's setting and the evil villain.


You should be SO proud of your writing, Beech Class! 

Candle Light as a Symbol

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First, we thought about what it would feel like on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no light. Then, we thought about how it would feel to finally see the lighthouse. 


Next, we discussed how and when we use candle flames in our own lives.


We then learnt about the meaning of the Advent Wreath and Christingles to Christians and we had a go at making our own!


We moved on to thinking about Judaism, the importance of the Menorah to Jewish people and the story of the Maccabees.


Finally, we made our own special candle holders, thinking about how we can make it meaningful to our lives. We ended our topic by writing a prayer about the importance of light.

The Great Fire of London in Marchwood

Our topic started off with a BANG! We made our own version of Pudding Lane and (with the help of Mr Rule) we watched the fire spread and burn down our cereal box houses. We tried throwing cups of water on the fire but realised it didn't work. We learnt that the hand-squirters people tried using during the Great Fire of London in 1666 didn't work very well either! 


Our learning includes: sequencing the events of the Great Fire of London; key people such as Samuel Pepys; diary writing; comparing the fire service then and now; writing non-chronological reports and learning about different materials in Science. 



Creative Arts Week


What a busy week it has been! We have enjoyed taking part in a variety of drama, music and art activities!


On Monday, students from Applemore college led an exciting drama session linked to our Owls story writing. We learnt about showing a story using freeze frames which was great fun.


On Wednesday, we learnt about Fijian culture. We were very lucky to have some of our Fijian families come in to answer our questions. They taught us a brilliant Fijian dance and they even made delicious Fijian food for us to taste. We learnt that a lot of their recipes include coconuts as this is plentiful in Fiji.


On Thursday, we were treated to a music concert and listened to some great songs including music from Trolls, Moana and Harry Potter.  In the afternoon, we used acrilyic paint to decorate lots of poppies with Mrs Rhodes - they look fantastic outside the school.


Every morning we listened to a new piece of classical music, as well as practising for Harvest Festival too!


This has all been alongside our fantastic Hone Learning presentations as well as our learning in Maths and English. We have been working really hard on multiplication and are getting good at counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to solve a range of problems. We have also been writing different types of sentences linked to the book ‘Hoot Owl’. We have thought about how to make our writing more interesting by using words like 'because', 'but', 'so', 'however'. Well done Beech Class!

Learning Powers in Beech Class

We have been busy thinking about what makes a SUPER learner.


The children were introduced to some superheroes with some very important learning powers:


Master Resilient - never gives up even if something is a challenge.


Awesome Resourceful - gets the best resources to help - a sound mat to help with writing or maybe a hundred square to help in maths.


Captain Teamwork - offers ideas but also listens carefully to others.


Super Reflective - checks work back to see if it can be improved.


Beech Class are already showing these important learning powers and are earning lots of stickers! Keep up the good work!

Wicked Wolves and Wise Owls

You all looked wonderful in your Wolf and Owl costumes! We enjoyed sharing lots of Wolf and Owl stories and exploring ‘Wolves’ by Emily Gravett in more depth. You all worked so hard on your your retell of the story. They were fantastic! We celebrated our hard work by proudly sharing our stories with Sycamore Class.
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