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This week in RE we have been thinking about 'Belonging' and what it means to 'belong'. The children discussed different groups that they belonged to, whether this was Rainbows, Beavers, swimming, gymnastics, football, their family, or even our own little Elm Class family. We talked about how it felt it belong to a group. 

Euan said " I love being part of a football team. I see lots of friends there and we all try hard to stick to the rules and not do bad tackles."

Elliot said "I like being part of my family because we do fun things together and my Mum give me cuddles."

Charlotte and Ella said "We love being part of gymnastics because we learn new skills, see lots of different friends and get to do competitions together."

We then learnt a little bit about Judaism and the special meal that Jewish people share together on a weekly basis called Shabbat. We enjoyed our very our Shabbat meal in the our class room. First we had to tidy up any mess that was laying around, just as Jewish people would do. Then we thought about things we could talk about around the table whilst we shared our special meal together. The children decided that they would ask each other how their day had been so far and what they did at home last night. We thought about how the Shabbat meal gave Jewish people the opportunity to spend time together as family and how it created that special sense of belonging, both to a family and to the Jewish faith.