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We enjoyed our trip to Marwell Zoo and loved our "Fur and Feathers" workshop!  We got to see zebras, leopards, penguins and giraffes and so much more.  We even went to the new Tropical house and searched for the sloth .... and, yes, we did see him!  What an amazing day - we can't wait to visit again!

Mother's Day afternoon was lots of fun.  We invited our mums in and they helped use to decorate biscuits, make sandwiches, create paper flower bouquets and play games outside plus lots more.  Happy Mother's Day!

Our Mother's Day Afternoon

We had fun in our Maths lesson as we partitioned 2 digit numbers into Tens and Ones.  We used coins, Numicon and cubes to help us make our numbers.

Maths - exploring 2 digit numbers

We have been getting in the Christmas spirit by decorating our own Christmas Baubles. We could choose how we decorated them, we had the choice of penguins, snowmen or robins. The baubles looked so great that we decided to sell to raise money to help fund our next new exciting topic.