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Board Game Workshop 9/1/2019

Just some of the lovely comments received from participants.

  • An excellent initiative! Thank you for providing us with some quality fun time. We loved the opportunity to 'play' together in a fun and informal setting.  we would love to do it again and will play more at home!
  • Good advice given as to why board games help with a child's learning and development.  Nice to spend some time on a one to one basis with no distractions.
  • As a grandma, it was great to be able to spend some extra time with Owen and we really enjoyed it, and not being interrupted.
  • It was enjoyable and made us all excited playing and wanting to win.  Brilliant idea to teach the children how to be patient and how to share. More of these workshops will give the children more confidence on how to deal with playing in a group and communication.
  • really nice to play with her at school which she really enjoyed.  it has given me plenty of ideas for games to play at home.  Thank you.
  • Lovely atmosphere, Informal. One on one time, very special.  An extremely good idea.