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Celebrating at school is a little bit different at the moment, but children,s achievements are still being rewarded and recorded. Thank you for your understanding.

At Marchwood C of E Infant School we LOVE to celebrate children’s best efforts, whether it is for academic effort and achievement or more social and personal effort or for simply having great attitudes. Anyone can nominate someone to celebrate! To claim their award children make a special visit to the Headteacher where they can share their work or explain their achievements. Children then receive a special certificate and special golden Headteacher sticker to keep. If work is brought to share with the Headteacher, children may choose one from a range of special golden Headteacher award stickers, to place on their work. This will then act as a reminder of the children’s special effort or achievement and will surprise and delight anyone who sees it. The names of children who have celebrated and the reason they have celebrated are placed into a special log book, which is available to see in the school entrance. Children’s photos and often their physical work are also displayed for everyone to celebrate and this too is located in the main school foyer.

Celebrating children is a key part of the Marchwood C of E Infant School’s vision and ethos – we know the power of being told you have made great choices or achieved something to be proud of and we believe that celebrating encourages ‘Learning for Life’.

Celebrations! Available Awards

at Marchwood C of E Infant School

Amazing PE Award

Awesome Home Learning Award

Brilliant Writing

Class Attendance of the Week Award

Excellent Science Award

Fantastic Reading Award

Friendship Award

Great choices Award

Great Speaking & Listening Award

Marvellous Maths Award

Outstanding Behaviour Award

Perfect Play Award

S.T.A.R Award (Smile, Take ownership, Attention to detail, Reaching goals)

Sharing our School Values Award (Love Trust Truth)

Stunning Art Work

Super Helper Award

Terrific Topic Work Award

Thoughtful RE Award

Wizzy ICT Work

Whole Class Awards

are also available when the whole class deserves recognition

Wonderful DT Award

You’re a Superstar Award (Trying your very, very BEST)

These two awards are nominated to me directly by R&R and Lunch Supervisors :

The amazing R&R Award (Sport Coaches award)

Terrific Table Manners (our Lunchtime Award)