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Maths Challenges!

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Mrs Devereaux will set a few maths challenges for you to complete. Please record your work in your Home Learning book. Work can be in drawn pictures, photographs and writing.

6. Measuring

5. Decorating Biscuits - Patterns and Sequencing

4. Active Maths

3. Division by Sharing

The Doorbell Rang By Pat Hutchins

Have a listen to the story above. 


How many cookies did Sam and Victoria start off with?

Try recreating the story at home by sharing cookies, pictures of cookies you have drawn yourselves or even your toys!


What other numbers can be shared equally by 2?


You could even try finding numbers that can be shared by 3,4,5 or even 10!

2. Days of the Week muddle!

Oops! Mrs Devereaux has got into a muddle with her days of week. 

Could you help her to put them into the correct order? Are there any days missing?


Talk to your grown ups about things that happen on certain days.

What day is it today?

What day was it yesterday?

What day will it be tomorrow?


Practice spelling the names of the Days using some of the spelling ideas in the link above. Remember they need to start with a capital letter!

You could use these if you are keeping a diary of your time at home. 


You could even teach your grown ups a Days of the Week song if you know one.

1. Weight - Heavier or Lighter

You could record what you find by drawing pictures or writing down the name of the object and sorting them into Lighter and Heavier. 


You could use some weighing scales to find out how much each object weights in grams (g).


Year 2 - Could you sort your objects using the greater than > and less than < signs?