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Friday 14th June has been the best day ever


We started off the morning with an exciting Maths measuring lesson making bubble mixture and designing our own bubble wands. We had to measure the ingredients out very carefully.


150ml Fairy washing up liquid

350ml water

2 teaspoons of sugar


Then we had great fun using our bubble wands to blow bubbles of all sizes. It was fun to try and burst the bubbles, but if we were very careful we could catch them on our wands without bursting them.


After play we had a wet run to raise money for the Sailors' Society.The teachers squirted the children with water guns and some of the children enjoyed getting drenched!. 'I managed to stay really dry because I stayed in the sun and was really quick at avoiding the teachers.' (Owen) ' I loved it when Mrs Fisher poured a bucket of water over some of the children.' (Bella) 'I loved standing in front of the teachers so I could get very wet.' (Willow) 'I got really soaked, it was great.' (Ayden)

Finally in the afternoon we were joined by our Dads, Grandads, brothers, uncles and friends to celebrate Father's Day. We had a wonderful time decorating biscuits, playing games, making the tallest tower out of newspaper, having a paper aeroplane flying competition and lots more. Thank you for coming in and joining with us.
 As a preparation for our next R.E. topic, the children in Chestnut class have made clay models of an animal they would like to create. They are amazing and we are so proud of their creations. Get ready next week to ask your children what their favourite part of the creation story is. Also something for us all to think about ... Which is the most important thing that God created? 

Can taller people really jump further?

This week Chestnut were asked by Mr Calvert to investigate if taller people really can jump further as some children have been saying the tyres are too far apart for them to jump. We all made predictions

“I think taller people will jump further because they have long legs.” Harriet


We then planned our investigations, ensuring it was a fair test. We all helped each other to measure our heights. We remembered to take off our shoes to make it a fair test.

Then we all took it in turns to jump, making sure we followed our rules so that it was a fair test. We used metre sticks to help us measure how far we had jumped.


What we found out

“The shortest person jumped the furthest.” Ayden

“I found out that the tallest person didn’t jump the furthest and the shortest person didn’t jump the furthest. I think it doesn’t matter how tall you are. I also found out I jumped the same distance as my height 131cm.”Bella

The children were all surprised with the results.

Paultons Park

What an amazing day we had at Paultons Park! Our workshop about Habitats was fantastic and we learnt lots about the animals at Paultons and how their bodies have adapted to help them survive in all the different the environments they are from. We were lucky enough to touch a corn snake, stroke a really cute albino pygmy hedgehog and hold a rat (we learnt they actually keep themselves cleaner than cats do!)! The children enjoyed going on the rides and listening to Mrs Keith and Mrs Rhodes scream.


Mini beast musicals!


Over Summer 1 we have been learning about steady beat and rhythm in music. We have learnt some mini beast songs and we even had a go at composing our own lines for the chorus. 

We chose our lyrics, thought about the steady beat and recorded the rhythm using dots. We then performed them to the class and they echoed our verse back. 

Have a listen to what we produced and tap along with us to the rhythm!

Group 1

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Group 2

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Group 3

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Group 4

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Group 5

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Group 6

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Travelling Seeds!

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Today we made our own helicopter seeds to explore how Sycamore trees use the wind to disperse their seeds as part of their life cycle.

We found out that some just dropped to the ground and others drifted quite far away.

We then spoke about how the life cycle would continue and how they would be able to get plenty of nutrients and sunlight to help them grow into healthy trees.
        Special books


Chestnut's Bee-Bot Challenge - 26th April


This week, we have been learning all about position and direction, learning our left and right, clockwise, anti-clockwise, turns including quarter, half and three quarter and forwards and backwards. Today we applied this to programming the Bee-bots.

First we worked as a class to write a clear set of instructions. This is called writing an algorithm.

Then we worked in groups to write our algorithm to programme the Bee-bot. We were excited to watch it go. We had to debug the Bee-bot if it didn’t go to plan, and celebrated with high 5s when it went exactly where it was supposed to go!

Easter Egg Hunt

Finally the rain stopped and we got outside to to our Easter Egg Hunt. The children had to find 3 pairs of words that made 3 different compound words. It was rather tricky, but great fun. As a prize they have a tube of smarties and it would be lovely if they could fill up the empty tube with spare change for the PTA and bring it back after the holiday. 

Have a wonderful Easter.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Why is Easter important to Christians?
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Chestnut's Lent Challenge


During Lent Chestnut have been trying to do good deeds and care for people they meet. Every time we completed a challenge we could colour in part of a Easter Egg. They have done really well and it has been lovely to see them been more caring and loving towards each other.

Picture 1

Sailors' Society Sponsored Morning and Mum's Afternoon


Wow what another busy day we have had. We all looked amazing in our sea based costumes and then had lots of fun playing games and having races for our sponsored event. In the afternoon we enjoyed decorating biscuits for our Mums, painting, playing and making beautiful flowers. Thank you to all the grown ups who joined us.


Little Red Riding Hood


We have started thinking about the Little Red Riding Hood story. The children worked in groups and took a section of the story to act out. Enjoy one of our films below.


Our next challenge is to make up a new story by changing some parts and characters. 

The ending of our Little Red Riding Hood story

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Measuring Magic Makes Magnificent Scones

21st January 2019


Today we made scones we had to follow the recipe very carefully and measure out all the

ingredients. It was tricky because the measuring scales and the measuring jug did not have all the numbers written on the scale so we had to work out where we had to measure to.

After they were cooked we got to eat them. They were yummy.


Superhero Day

We had a super day dressed up as some of our favourite heroes. We had a parade and showed off our super powers.

Our Parade with the other classes

Advent Wreaths

We have been learning about how candle flames are used by Christians during Advent. We spoke about the importance of the evergreen wreath symbolising God's everlasting love, the four candles that are lit every Sunday leading up to Christmas Day symbolising  Hope, Peace, Joy and Love and the white middle candle which is lit on Christmas Day symbolising Jesus, the Light of The World.

We then made our own Advent wreaths and spoke about the importance of each part.

Creative Christmas Art Day

We had great fun decorating our class and making lots of amazing creations. We enjoyed choosing all sorts of different materials to make our decorations.

Children In Need 2018

We had lots of fun today dressed in our spotty clothes. There was lots of imagination put into some homemade outfits. Thank you everyone for supporting this event.

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The Great Fire of London in Marchwood


As part of our Great Fire of London topic the children made houses out of cereal boxes to build a street just like one you would have seen in London in 1666.

Mr. Rule and Miss. Thomas set our houses up on the field. They looked amazing. Then Mr. Rule started a fire in one of the houses. We watched and it was surprising how quickly the fire spread from house to house. It was quite a windy day and Oscar's house, which was on the end, fell over. We noticed how that made in a break in the fire so it didn't get burnt. We soon smelt of fire and could see the ash floating in the air, we could begin to imagine what it would have been like in London at that time.