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Please look on the Year 2 page for ideas of activities you can do while you are at home.

World Book Day - PJ Day!


We have had a great day sharing books. Thank you to all the parents who came in. It was wonderful to see the children so excited about the books they had brought in from home.

Keeeeeeeeeeep Reading !!!

Shrove Tuesday

We have had a lovely afternoon eating pancakes and learning all about Shrove Tuesday. This is the last day before the Christian time of Lent. In olden days Christians did not eat many foods such as milk, eggs and fats during Lent. They did not waste food so before Lent began, they had a feast using all the food that would go bad before they could eat it again. Pancakes were a dish that used up the foods by adding some flour. Today Christians will often give up something they really like as they get ready for Easter.


Chestnut class have been set a Lent Challenge to try and be kinder to each other and care for each other. We have a Lent Challenge chart and as we complete the tasks we can colour part of the Easter Egg in. Let's see if we can have the whole egg completed by the end of term.

Valentines Day Lunch

Today I had a lovely lunch with the children. The hall was decorated beautifully for our Valentines Lunch. All the children really enjoyed their Hot Dogs with lovely ketchup and heart shaped biscuits or strawberry whip. It was delightful to sit and chat with the children as we ate.

What a lovely end to a great half term. Happy Holiday!

From Mrs Rhodes

(I took the pictures so sorry I'm not in them!!!)

Healthy Eating - Fruit Kebabs

Today we made fruit kebabs that we had designed earlier in the week. We spoke about hygiene and made sure we had washed our hands before we started touching the fruit. After the kebabs had been made we enjoyed eating them. Some of us tried fruit we had never eaten before and were surprised at how tasty it was.

Happy New Year

Superhero Topic Launch

Today Chestnut Class was full of Superheros. Can you spot Iron Man, Spider Girl, Bling Boy and Super Lizard?

We are looking forward to creating our own Superhero story.

Final Day of the Autumn Term!

Well we have made it. Your children have worked so hard this term and I am so proud of them. We have had lots of fun today playing party games and making Christmas pudding Oreos.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Mrs Rhodes

Christmas Celebrations

We are having lots of fun getting ready for Christmas. Thank you for all your help on Christmas Decoration Day, our classroom looks very festive.

Last week we spent a morning making Christingles and talking about what each part represents. Then we had a beautiful Collective Worship where all the children processed with their lit candles. Enjoy the photos and ask your child about the symbols we used.

The Great Fire of London


Look at the Year 2 page to see what exciting things we have done.

Topic Launch Day

Our launch of Wicked Wolves and Wise Owls Fact or Fiction was a

great success with all children coming dressed as characters from books with wolves or owls in them.  We shared each others books and thought about how wolves and owls are portrayed in books.

Bread Making

As part of our creative week we have been looking at Shabbat and how as part of the Shabbat meal Jews have Challah bread. We had great fun making our own Challah bread. Most of us though it tasted really lovely!