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From Week 11 the ideas and activities provided on our website will be mostly the same as the work being done in school. If you are unsure or need some advice on a task please contact Mrs Devereaux via the office/admin email address. 


Week 11 Week Beginning 01/06/20


Theme: Bubbles

This week we will be exploring the theme of bubbles.


This week we will be:

· Writing our own bubble adventure story in English.

· Looking at place value using bubbles to partition 10s and 1s in Maths.

· Making snake bubbles as part of STEM.

· Creating our own bubble wands in DT.

· Bubble printing in Art.

In school this week we have been learning a song or a rap in our class bubbles. 


The Squirrels have made up this song to the tune of Frere Jacques. 


Hello Squirrels, Hello Squirrels, 

How are you?, How are you? 

We are always happy, we are always happy, 

Yes we are, yes we are. 


The Rabbits have made up this cool rap. 


Hello Rabbits, are you ok? 

We stay safe in every way, 

We are the Rabbits, we are cool. 

We make sure we stick to the rules. 

We come to school every day, 

We have lots of fun, we learn and play.