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Story Time

17. Kind

16. Don't Make Me Cross

Mrs Jerome reads the story, Don't Make Me Cross

15. The Dinosaur That Pooped A Princess

This is a story about a pet dinosaur and brews a plan involving its bottom. This is one of Mr Keith's stories involving this dinosaur.

14. Into The Forest

Can you spot any familiar fairy tale characters?

13. If My Dad Were A Dog

One of our family favourites. Rather silly but good fun. What animal would you like your Dad to be? Why?
Hope you enjoy this story.
From Mrs Keith and Rolo

12. Mrs Splatt's Hall of Horrors

A story from David Walliams - The World's Worst Teachers. Read by Mrs Fisher. I hope you enjoy it!

11.Happy I'm a Hippo

Mrs Jerome reads Happy I'm a Hippo and suggests some activities to could do at home.

10. Miss Davison reads ‘Saving Easter’.

Saving Easter

Still image for this video

9. Mrs Wright reads 'I saw Anaconda'

Made for kids

8.Mrs Wright reads 'How to be a lion'

Made for kids

7. The story of the Little Mole who knew it was none of HIS business!

Mrs Jerome reads the story and the then suggests some science activities you could have ago at.

6. Dangerous!

Mrs Jerome reads the story...Dangerous! Click in Year 1, Home Learning, Week 2, English for an activity linked to this book.

5.Little Moon

Enjoy listening to the story. If you would like to do the comprehension questions you will find them on the Year 2 page.

4.The Bad Tempered Ladybird

3. Little Beaver and the Echo

Mrs Jerome reads the story of Little Beaver and the Echo and suggests some activities for you try at home.

2.The Chicken Game

Watch Mrs Jerome play a game with Fergus and his friends. She suggests ways that you could make a similar game at home with your grown ups.

1. Mrs Jerome reads Fergus's Scary Night.

Mrs Jerome reads the story and suggest some ideas for activities you could do at home in your purple home learning books.