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If you are exploring the activities on Purple Mash (usernames and passwords have gone home) please make sure you save your work so we can see what you have been up to and leave you some messages. Some work may have been set to your class so have a look at your 2Dos and Alerts.


Please find below some links to useful websites and some literature that we have produced to help you support your children at home should you find yourself having to self-isolate due to Covid-19. 

We hope that you find these things useful. Alongside using websites to support your children, please make the most of the time at home to do the things that our normal, busy, day to day routines can sometimes make difficult. 


Paint with your child - inside or outside. Maybe you could paint a beautiful spring  or Easter themed picture. Your child could write some descriptive sentences to explain what they have painted. 

" I have painted yellow daffodils swaying in the wind and a little bird sat on the fence."


Bake with your child ( if you can get hold of the ingredients). Ask them to try their best to read a simple recipe and measure out the ingredients. Maybe you could take some pictures of them baking and send them to your child's class teacher, or bring them into school when things return to normal again. You could ask your child to write a simple recipe to explain how they baked their food. Or maybe they could write descriptive sentences to explain what their food tasted, smelt, felt and looked like. 


Play board games. Board games are fantastic at developing your child's number skills. They help them to count on and back and understand the value of numbers. Playing board games can also help your child to develop socially by learning how to take turns and how to win and lose.  Maybe your child can make their own board game from the back on an old cereal box? 


Practise letter and number formation. This can be done inside or outside with anything you feel brave enough to use, water and paint brushes, chalks, paints, felts, glue and glitter. Just have fun forming letters and numbers correctly. 


Read with, and to your child. Explain the meaning of unknown words and use the tasks at the front of your child's school reading log to help enrich their reading with you. Most children love to have stories read to them, doing this helps with their comprehension skills, gives them ideas for writing and helps to expand their vocabulary.


Sharing Traditional Tales is another brilliant way to build on your child's understanding of stories and their vocabulary. Encourage them to join in with repetitive parts of the story, such as "I'll huff and I'll puff and blow your house down" and "What big eyes you have!". 


Practise tricky words. Even if your child can read all of the tricky words on their tag, can they spell them? Read a colour that they haven't practised for a long time. A lot of children find the red words tricky. Practise reading, spelling and writing these words in a sentence.


When we return after the Easter Break our new topic will be Science based it's called "Fur, Feathers and Scales." The children will be learning that animals need food to survive and what different types of animals eat (herbivores, omnivores and carnivores). They will learn that animals have different characteristics that help them to survive and how animals use their senses to survive. 


You might decide to collage an animal and write some facts about that animal. Maybe you and and your child might like to create a information book about an animal or a group of animals. 


Please encourage your child to bring any work that you have completed and that your child is proud of in to school. We will take the time to look at it. We will share it with their friends and either stick it in their books or make a display when everything returns to normal again. 


Many thanks, The Year 1 team. 

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