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Bee Bots!

Computers need special instructions to help them work. Have a go at giving the Bee Bot different instructions to find his way around the different mats. See link below.


You could:

*Try moving him from one shape to another shape on the Shape Mat.

*Try spelling out your name or spelling Tricky Words on the Alphabet Mat.

*Try moving from one shop to another on the Community Mat.

*Try travelling from one place to another on the Country Road Map.


See the picture below for instructions on how to give the Bee Bot directions and how to clear them once you are done.


Challenge: Write down the instructions you give the Bee Bot in your Home Learning Book. 




Forward 2


Forward 2


Backwards 1


Tricky Challenge: Could you predict the directions first and write them out and then try it out? If you go wrong it's fine, you can 'debug' the directions to make them correct.