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Do you think we found one?

On Wednesday we made sure that we had our comfy shoes on before heading out around the village of Marchwood on our very own Crocodile Hunt. Our hunt took us along roads, across the railway track, into the park, across the field, past the junior school, shops and pub, through the church yard.......we were giving up hope of ever finding a crocodile and our legs were getting so tired! Until......right at the back of the churchyard, hidden in a bog under the bushes, we saw........a crocodile!!!!!


(Ok, so it was actually the crocodile from Mrs Jerome's book corner, but it was a crocodile non the less!)


We thought about the man made and natural features of Marchwood and why we didn't find a real crocodile hiding in the undergrowth. 


We were blessed with the most beautiful weather and we all had a great time launching our new Geography topic 'Crocs and Socks'.