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Easter Fun

Have fun with your children this Eater holiday.

  • Paint with your child - inside or outside. Maybe you could paint a beautiful spring  or Easter themed picture.
  • Bake with your child ( if you can get hold of the ingredients). Ask them to try their best to read a simple recipe and measure out the ingredients.
  • Play board games. Board games are fantastic at developing your child's number skills. They help them to count on and back and understand the value of numbers. Playing board games can also help your child to develop socially by learning how to take turns and how to win and lose.  Maybe your child can make their own board game from the back on an old cereal box? 
  • Read with, and to your child. Explain the meaning of unknown words. Most children love to have stories read to them, doing this helps with their comprehension skills, gives them ideas for writing and helps to expand their vocabulary.