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Watch the story in the link above and have a go at writing the story. 


We could use different story openers such as:

-Once upon a time

-One sunny day

-There was a boy called...


We could use adjectives (describing words) to bring our writing to life:

- There once was a little boy called...

- He built a red and yellow rocket.

- He landed on a bumpy grey moon. 


We could link sentences together using 'and' or 'because':

- The little boy climbed into his red and yellow rocket and he zoomed of into space.

- He was scared because he had never seen a alien before. 


If you would like to challenge yourself you could even change 1 thing in the story.

- He could have built a flying boat.

- He may have met another boy on the moon.


Remember to use our Year 1 Writing Rules.


See below for Mrs Devereaux's story. 


Mrs Devereaux's Story:


Once upon a time there was a little boy called Ben. He loved space and he had always wanted to build his own super rocket. One day he found some brown boxes and red card. He used them to build his super rocket. Ben climbed inside his rocket and he zoomed off into space.


After a while his rocket ran out of oil and he crash landed on the grey bumpy moon. Suddenly another rocket landed on the moon and a little blue alien got out. They waved at each other and smiled. Both of their rockets were broken!


Ben had a great idea. He got his rucksack and slid off the grey moon. He landed back on earth with a big bump! He got some oil and tools. Then he climbed back onto the moon using a very very long ladder. Ben fixed the rockets and they both made their way back home.


The end.