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This week we will be writing our own Bubble Adventure story.

Some children may have seen and written about this clip in Year R but it would be lovely to see how their writing has progressed over the past year. 


Click on the link above to watch the story and think about where your Bubble will take you. You could go under the sea, to the moon, to Lego Land, to your Nanny's house or even to a land made out of sweets and chocolate!


Helpful Hint: Draw a story map to help you sort out your ideas before writing. See Mrs Devereaux's example below. 


You don't need to write your story all in one go. You could plan your story one day and spend a bit of time on other days writing it up in sentences. 



We could use different story openers such as:

-Once upon a time

-One sunny day

- One gloomy day a sad little girl...

-There was a boy/girl called...


We could use adjectives (describing words):

- She was walking on a yellow sandy beach

- A big shiny bubble...


We could link sentences together using 'and' or 'because':

- One sunny day a sad little girl walked on a yellow sandy beach and found a small bottle of bubbles. 

- She was shocked because she had never seen a bubble as big as that before. 


If you are writing about a girl use the pronoun 'she' and if you are writing about a boy use the pronoun 'he'. 


Remember to use our Year 1 Writing Rules.



If story writing is too much you can write some simple sentences describing the place the bubble took you. Use the sentence stems below to start your sentences. 


I went to...

I saw...

My colourful bubble went to...



Mrs Devereaux's story:


One sunny day a little girl was walking on a soft sandy beach and she found a pot of bubbles. She picked it up and blew a big multicoloured bubble. The bubble picked her up and took her high into the sky.


The little girl had fun playing with the colourful bubbles. It took her to a land where the trees were made out of delicious sweeties and rivers were made of warm sticky chocolate. She got back onto her colourful bubble and came back to the soft sandy beach.


She saw a sad little boy walking over to her. She put the bubbles on the ground and the boy found them. He picked them up and blew is own magical bubble. I wonder where his bubble will take him?


The end.