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English and PSHE

Max by Bob Graham Storybook

Superhero storybook read aloud.

1. Listen to the story 'Max' again.


2. How can we describe Max?

Think of adjectives to describe Max and what he was like a different parts of the story and label a outline of Max. You can write words that describe the way he looks on the outside of the picture and words that describe his personality on the inside of the picture.

Please see Mrs Devereaux's example below. 


3. Was he kind? Why do you think that Max was kind?

Write a sentence or two explaining why. Use the sentence starters below to get you started. 


I think Max was kind because...


I think Max was not kind because...

Here is a blank template for you to print or copy. You might be able to trace the picture from the screen into your Home Learning book. 


4. Write a list of all the kind things Max does in the story. 


5. Have you ever done anything kind for someone else? Write them down in your Home Learning book in full sentences.


You could use this sentence starter to help you:


I was kind when I...