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Sink or Float?


Seeing as the weather is going to be lovely this week why not do some Science using nature this week.


Whilst you are outside try and collect at least 6 different objects (these could be stones, leaves, flowers, twigs, shells, pine cones). 


Equipment needed: 

- A bowl

- Water

- Your objects

- Home Learning book and a pencil to record 

- Camera to take pictures



1. Predict if they will sink or float (have a look at the picture below of a possible way to record your predictions)

2. Do the experiment and record your finds.

3. Talk to your grown ups or write a sentence if anything surprised you. 

4. Think about which of these materials would be best to make a raft out of? Why? You could write down your ideas and draw a picture of what the raft could look like!




You could even go onto think about why some of these sank and why some floated. 

Does the weight of the object make it sink or float? 

What did the lighter objects do?

What did the heavier objects do?