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Health and Safety

Health & Safety is of paramount importance to all who work or visit Marchwood C of E Infant School. Governors and staff discuss Health & Safety matters as a standing item on all meetings and regular procedures (such as Fire Evacuation), risk assessments and policy reviews are undertaken as a matter of course. 

We encourage anyone who notices a Health & Safety issue (however, small) to report it immediately to any member of staff who is employed here at the school so that actions can be swiftly taken to address any issue raised.

Health & Safety Policy Document Updated 2018

Supporting Pupils with Medical Health Care Needs

If your child requires medical support or special arrangements to be set up in school, please contact Mr Calvert in the first instance to discuss your child's medical needs. Thank you.


Please note that staff at school have no legal obligation to administer medicines to children. They do so only for special circumstances and with the specific and detailed instruction of parents who have been guided in their request by medical professionals.


We request that medicines are administered outside of school hours wherever possible following medical professional advice.