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English - Phonics, Reading, Writing and Spelling

This is the cursive handwriting script that we teach children from Year R. We group the letters into 'families' depending on how they are formed, to help children remember how to write them. We also teach children how to write capital letters correctly. I will be uploading a video showing how we teach letter formation and suggesting some fun ways in which you can practise letter formation with your child.

PDF versions of the Tricky Word Walls and Phonic wall can be found in the 'Parent Tab' - Learning.

These are the Year 2 tricky words. Please see the guidance and suggestions below where the Year 1 words are.


These are the words that we would like all children to be able to read by sight by the end of Year 1. Your child will have brought home some or all of these words on their reading 'tag'. We understand that children learn at different paces depending on their age or stage of development, so please don't feel daunted if your child can't read all of these words just yet. Any practise of tags words that you can do at home is beneficial. Whilst we're not in school you could make your own tags at home using this guide once your child can read the words on their tag. It's important for your child to be able to read these words in and out of order and to recognise them in books. Once your child can read all of these words they also need to be able to spell them. They learn spellings weekly in school and we have a test on a Friday. Even though they're not in school, time spent learning to spell these words is valuable. Make it fun, write them in different colour pens, write them in paint, mud, sand or water outside, play hangman, whatever it takes to engage your child is fine.

These are the sounds that we teach the children in Year R and Year 1. In Year R the children will be taught to read the sounds up to the purple 'ar' sound. In Year 1, we practise these sounds, learn to read them within words and use them in spelling. We also teach the other sounds on the chart from from 'ar' to the blue 'u-e', as well as teaching alternatives for some of the sounds learnt in Year R.