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Help with Year 2 Maths

Methods for Addition and Subtraction

Addition and Subtraction with Miss Locke

Here are the methods we use in maths for addition and subtraction when adding and taking away two 2-digit numbers.

Why not make up some number stories when you're working out your number sentences?


So... with my addition number sentence in the video, I could say: 


I baked 51 biscuits and Mrs Jerome baked 24. How many did we bake altogether?





For the subtraction number sentence, I could say:


There were 52 ladybirds and 37 flew away. How many are there now?


Don't forget to keep a record of these in your purple home learning books if you'd like to.

Ideas to practise your maths skills!

Important Maths Skills

Here are some ideas of quick and easy ways you can practise your maths skills to become fluent and accurate when you're adding and subtracting two 2-digit numbers. Have a go!