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Welcome to Holly!

The teacher in Holly is Miss Ward
The LSA in Holly is Mrs Paget


"Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him." Psalm 127:3

Holly Class is one of the reception classes at Marchwood C of E Infant School.


In Holly Class we aim to create an exciting and effective learning environment for all our children and believe in a child-led approach, combined with some adult-led teaching. 

 In our experience, children who have started their learning journey in this way are more independent, resilient, motivated and effective learners.

Things to try at home


  • One of the things that we love doing in Holly Class is talking! We love sharing our news through circle time. Have a go at sharing your news at home. You could talk about your favourite character in a book or film or talk about your day. You can encourage your whole family to join in as this will support listening and speaking skills. 
  • Have a go at baking or cooking something. Cooking supports lots of areas of the EYFS. You can measure the ingredients to support your mathematics, read or write the recipe to support your literacy and the whole time you will be speaking and listening which will support early communication. Share a story together.

Meet the Rainbow Bears


Each day the Rainbow Bears choose to sit with children who are sitting beautifully and doing fantastic listening. The Rainbow Bears love to listen to stories, play games  and celebrate amazing learning. The Rainbow Bears also love going for sleepovers with children who are fantastic role models to others.