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Home Learning

Welcome to our Home Learning Zone. 

This is where we will set activities for you to complete at home, together with providing the necessary support and guidance you may require.


Please click on the links below that will take you to the 'Children' Tab,Year Group icons for further learning opportunities and ideas.

Suggested timetable for Home Learning (you may wish to do your own thing or adapt this... but it is there for guidance)

An exercise book for children to use to record their work, with some helpful activities and tips is available for children to keep at home during their absence from school.

Children have been sent home with one each this week. Please use them and look after them. If children have not got one of these books, they are available to collect from the school once you or a friend or family member is out of self isolation. ( 24/3/20 - not available until further notice)

Log in details for Purple Mash can be requested by email.

Call the school for more information if needed. Thank you