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Home Visits (September Intake)

Home Visits for September 2020 are currently NOT taking place until the Government informs schools that social distancing and restrictions due to Covid-19 has been stopped and 'normal' social interactions can take place.


If 'normality' has returned by September 2020 Year Reception staff will contact you to discuss home visits using the phone number you have provided to the Local Authority on your child's school application paperwork. If your number has changed - please ensure the school is informed of your new contact details.


If social distancing is cancelled and social interaction has been reintroduced by September 2020, then then following will be offered to parents in the first week of school opening:


As part of Marchwood C of E Infant Schools Early Years Foundation Stage 2020 – 2021, your child’s Class Teacher and Learning Support Assistant (Key Workers) would like to come and meet your child in their home.


Home visits will be taking place between

Monday 7th and Friday 11th September 2020 by arrangement


We would like to visit you and your child in an environment that is familiar to them, and that they feel comfortable to be able to talk to us in. 


To help us form a relationship with your child (and because it is a bit of fun!) we would like you to create a ‘Sharing Shoe box’ that you will have made together over the summer. Please decorate the shoe box, either with paints or wrapping paper etc., and put something in it that your child can share with us. For example, it could be your child’s favourite toy, or a photo or picture of their family, or a teddy bear. It is up to them!


The visits will last approximately 20-25 minutes and we will be trying to keep to time as we have lots of children to see!



We look forward to meeting you and your child soon!