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Late/Absence Procedures

Please inform the school, on the first day of absence, if your child is ill and continue to keep the school informed of all absence.


Please request authorisation for exceptional reasons from the Headteacher for any planned absence.  The forms to do this are available from the office or you can print your own from the 'Letters' Page.

Medical Appointments

Please try to keep medical appointments outside of the main school day. We appreciate that this is not always possible but minimising children’s absence from their education is very important. Dentists and Doctors Surgeries often operate outside of school hours – please check times with your family Practice.

We need to know about medical appointments so that the correct reasons can be given re. absence from school. Please inform the school office before collecting your child.

Information about Health and guidance when your child is poorly


The following advice is from The Public Health Agency: “Guidance on Infection Control in Schools and other Childcare Settings” (GICSCS).


It states:


“Prevent the spread of infections by ensuring: routine immunisation, high standards of personal hygiene and practice, particularly handwashing, and maintaining a clean environment”


For more information you can go to:




GICSCS also states in regard to diarrhoea and vomiting: The “recommended period to be kept away from school, nurseries or Childminders is 48 hours from last episode/incident.”


If your child is poorly, please keep the school informed on each day of absence. Absence for medical reasons will be recorded in the school registers. If no notice is given by the parent to the school as to the reason for the absence, then the absence is recorded as unauthorised.

Should symptoms be severe or persist over a period of two-three days you are advised by the school to take your child to the doctors for further medical advice.

Please note – “If in doubt: Shout!”

Tell us of your worry or concern / keep us informed and we will do all we can to advise and support you in managing your child’s sickness and absence from school. This includes providing home learning opportunities and suggestions of activities to undertake while they are at home.

Protecting yourself and also protecting others from infection:

Please take look at this handy poster to find out how children should be taught to wash hands. Please practice this method at home.

Try playing with glitter – then wash hands. You will see how thoroughly you will need to wash your hands to remove glitter – it is the same with germs!