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Playing board games are a great way to build up number fluency, counting and addition/subtraction skills. We have attached some games you could play at home - we have played Dotty 6 at school and the children really enjoyed it.


You could even have a go at making your own game, just like Mrs Jerome did with the Chicken Game (see her Story Time for a How To Guide).


If you have board games at home such as Snakes and Ladders and Ludo or card games such as Top Trumps you can really build on your child's understanding of number in a fun way!

You could even have a go at creating your own Top Trump Cards about your favourite toys, animals or even your knowledge on shapes (how many sides and corners they have!).

Incey Wincey Spider Maths Game

Dotty 6

Top Trump Templates

There are many different ways you could play the Doubling and Halving Race.


1. You could time yourself to see how long it takes you and try to beat it.

2. Roll a dice and move along the board working out the Half or Double you land on.

3. Go head to head with your brother, sister or even grown ups!

Doubling and Halving Race