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Have a go at the activities attached below. Start of with the 'lots of' and move onto 'repeated addition' if you fancy a challenge or trying something new. Repeated addition has been modelled and taught to most of the class. 


Lots of


Lots of encourages children to count in groups of a given number. It is very similar to grouping which is used to support division.

By being able to know that 1 group of an object is worth 2 children can then skip count to work out the answer efficiently. 



Each face has 2 eyes. How many eyes on 4 faces?



2   4   6   8


4 lots of 2 eyes = 8

Repeated Addition


Repeated addition is the repetition of the same number, added together to get an answer. This helps your child to build a foundational knowledge of multiplication before the formal number sentence and times table is introduced in Year 2. 


3 x 2 = 3 lots of 2 is the same as 2 + 2 + 2 (3 lots of 2 added together).