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Data Handling

This is an activity for your whole family to participate in. smiley

Start by agreeing what you would like to investigate as a family. Here are some suggestions: favourite colour, favourite animal, favourite celebration, favourite food, favourite sport.


Next draw a table to collect your data in. It might look something like this

Colour Tally Total
Red |||| 4
Blue || 2

 To collect your data you will need to ask your grown up to help you ring, video call or message different family members. Remember you can ask any family members including: Grandparents, Aunty and Uncles and Cousins. 


Once you have your data you need to then put it into a graph. Using Purple Mash is a quick and simple way to do this. You can choose to use either 2Count or 2Graph. Remember if you need help you can click on the video button on the right hand side. 


Finally now you have collected your data and made it into a graph you and your grown up can use it to answer questions such as:

-What was the favourite colour?

-What was the least favourite colour?

-How many more people liked red compared to blue?

-What is the difference between the favourite colour and the least favourite colour?

-How many people liked yellow and green?


We hope you have lots of fun completing this activity with your family and we can't wait to see what your results show.

The Year 2 Team  



Here is are 6 Maths activity mats that can be completed over the next 2 weeks. There are 3 levels to each mats, if you child was a circle or a triangle then start with the 1 star sheets, squares start with the 2 stars sheets and pentagons and hexagons start with the 3 star sheets. Move up or down a sheet if they are too easy or hard. The answer sheets are also provided.

Don't forget you purple mash activities set by your teacher and the Games section which has lots of Maths games you can play.