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Week 11


Hi Everyone!


Your week 11 home learning challenge is to play a board game! We hope you have lots of fun and enjoy spending time playing some games with one another!


Board games are a great way to develop mathematical knowledge. They help with number recognition, accurate counting and pattern recognition. They also support some of our PSED targets through learning to share and the acceptance of winning and loosing. 


When you are playing, encourage your child to say the numbers and to count out loud. This will help you identify the misconceptions your child may have within early number. 

When your child moves the pieces then ensure they are counting accurately. Model slow counting and moving to show them how to count accurately. 


You could play dominoes, pairs, snakes and ladders, naughts and crosses and so many more! 


Need an extra challenge?


  • Encourage your child to add up the number of pairs or the number of times they have won. Keep a log of who has won the most games. This will help with their physical development and number formation as they practice writing the numbers.
  • Ask questions e.g. If I had another pair, how many would I have all together? If we add mum's score and dad's score, how many would we have?
  • Recognise numbers above 20.


If you don't have any board games at home then don't panic. Have a go at making your own: