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Quick Tasks


Counting: Practice counting in 1s (as high as you can go!), 2s (up to 24), 5s (up to 60) and 10s (up to at least 100, see if you can get to 120). 

*This could be done when out for a walk (how many steps) or looking for numbers around the house/village and counting to or from that number.

*By drawing your own Hopscotch game using numbers from the 2s, 5s or 10s pattern. 


Number Writing: Practice writing numbers to make sure they are all written correctly. How high can you go?

Place Value - understanding the value of each digit within a number. 



Place Value

Mrs Devereaux talks through place value and shows you some examples. Look on the School website for the task you need to complete.

1. Make Digit Cards 0-9
2. Draw your Tens and Ones Grid
3. Fill in the bubbles